SHViewPager: Android like view pager control for iOS Version 2.0 finally!

It has been almost or, more than 2 years I had created this controller called SHViewPager. And to my utmost surprise a lot of people actually got benefited from it. Some of them requested for the support for screen orientation and iPad. I was a bit busy (actually lazy! sorry guys, truly!)  to keep the request. Finally after a long wait, I was thinking, why am I not doing it?

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SHTwoDimensionalArray : A simple and easy to use two dimensional array for iOS applications.

Ever felt the need to use a two dimensional array in you iOS project? Well, I have. So here is what I had done:

  • Created a NSObject subclass.
  • Taken two private NSMutableArray instances, one for row and one for column.
  • Created a nested for loop to traverse those arrays, and fill them with NSNull objects.
  • Created a method to insert value/object on the [row][column] index.

So this is fairly easy and straightforward. But wouldn’t it be nicer if you didn’t have to do all these steps and figure out how to write those monotonous codes all by yourself?

My good friend, I have good news for you! I have created a simple CocoaPod to minimize your task!

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Power of Inheritance

We all know the three basic principles of OOP: Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. And there is also this fourth principle: Data Abstraction; though it’s not always mentioned as a standalone principle, as it is closely tied with encapsulation. Today I am going to discuss a simple case to display the power and necessity of Inheritance.

Let’s assume a scenario: you are working on an application, which has to perform a server call asynchronously and has no direct impact on the UI. But when the server returns a response, you have to make some modification to your application regardless of the present UI.

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Creating your own COCOAPOD

Now a days it is fairly common to use CocoaPods to your project as the dependency manager for your iOS and MacOs projects. I have been using it for quite some time now; and to my utter delight, oh boy, I am glad I got to know how to use this masterpiece!

Now to a fairly uncommon scenario, what if you want to create your own pod?

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SHViewPager: Custom Controller for iOS

Hello everybody,

For a recent project of mine, I had created this custom controller. This is quite similar to the ViewPager control used in Android. I’ve named this controller SHViewPager, here is the gitHub link.
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Objective-C: Space for Every Three Digits of A Number

Hi everyone and welcome again to my blog. Today I am going to discuss a quick fix with you guys. Recently I was working in one my projects and came to a point where I had to use a formatter, which will put spaces after every three digit of a decimal number. For example, if the number is 20000, it will make it look like 200 000. Simple and it is vastly used, isn’t it? Continue reading

About Delegation Part – 3

Hello guys and welcome to the third and final part of our discussion on Objective-C protocols and delegation. On the last part we had finished our code and left the discussion for this part. Well, what are we waiting for? Open the project and run  it  on the simulator, you’ll see something like this: Continue reading